Tracking USPS

The US Postal Service (USPS) is the most convenient way of taking care of your shipping needs at a very reasonable price. With USPS, online shipping is possible, package pickup and Saturday delivery are both free, plus no fuel surcharges. Calling our customer service hotline (1-800-ASK-USPS) will also be a great experience with our friendly customer service representatives.

Convenient as it already is what with thousands of branches all over the United States, USPS also developed a way for you to track your packages. Tracking is already included as part of the service if you wish to send Express Mail, Global Express Guaranteed, Express Mail International, and Priority Mail International. That means there will be no extra charge if you wish to track any packages using any of the above mentioned mail classes. The mail piece can be tracked while it travels to its destination as it is scanned upon receipt and when it is in the process of being delivered. Mail can be tracked by logging on to, and by clicking on the Track&Confirm button. Another way is by calling the toll-free customer service number at 1-800-222-1811. Products that include tracking provide end-to-end visibility.  Once a mail is sent, the Mailing Label or Receipt will provide the Label ID of the mailpiece which is necessary in tracking the package on The United States Postal Service will then send current delivery status information on your mail piece via email.

For lost or delayed packages or mailpieces, you may contact our Track & Confirm customer service at 1-800-222-1811 and provide the Label ID found on the receipt. If you were notified by a shipper that they have sent out a package and believe that it has been lost or delayed in the mail, contact the mailer of the item and request them to: 1) track the item or 2) contact Track & Confirm customer service at 1-800-222-1811 to learn the status of the mailpiece. If you have not received any mail within a two (2) day period or if you are not receiving mail regularly (i.e. on a specific day of the week) for two (2) or more weeks in a row, please contact our general customer service at 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777). International inbound pieces may be tracked in the USA and internationally following the same steps on

For First Class Mail, however, service cannot be tracked or traced based on name and address. However, there are several options available to customers to assist you in learning when your mailpiece was delivered if you choose to use a different type of service and/or add Extra Services to your mailing. For Registered Mail, for example, you can monitor the mailpiece from location to location by adding the mail to First-Class and Priority Mail. If you are already using Priority Mail, there are Extra Services such as Delivery Confirmation and Signature Confirmation which allows you to confirm when the mailpiece was delivered and/or who signed for it. Certified Mail/Return Receipt service also needs to be added to First Class or Priority Mail by providing a record of when the mailpiece was mailed and when it was received for you to be able to track it.